Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview

Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview

Shows you some new features in a controlled environment
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Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview 1.9 is a first-hand insight into the upcoming IE 9. This is a very early preview of what will be the new version of the Internet Explorer browser, which means that some features are fully implemented, while others are still under development.

Installing this preview will not modify your working Internet Explorer browser. It will install as a completely independent program that will offer you limited navigation constrained to the links that appear in the home page. You will be able to perform searches while testing some of the features, but this browser will not allow you to enter an URL of your choice to visit its website - it does not have the toolbars and controls that Internet Explorer usually offers. The only purpose of this preview is to show you some new features in a controlled environment.

The home page offers you demos of these new features, grouped under Speed, HTML5, and Graphics. The Speed group shows you how the new browser will improve the speed of Java applications. The HTML5 group will show you how the new browser will use the next generation of Web standards, and with the Graphics group you will learn how these standards will affect the way you can display graphics on your screen.

This preview lets you see how the same document looked in previous versions of the browser, so that you can compare the different displays. It also includes pages that will display the benchmark results obtained with this platform, and a link to the IE9 Testing Center.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It lets you preview some of the new features that will be fully developed in the final version


  • It does not allow you to navigate away from the given pages
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